If Tablets Become Any Thinner, I’ll Get a Paper Cut

The trend in miniaturizing electronics has reached a point at which our lumbering human bodies cannot keep up.

thinTaylor Martin, in a blog post, says: “Apple and Samsung are already at each other’s necks…. proving who can make the thinnest and lightest device seems to be their main ambition and I fear they’re going to take it too far at some point.”

Natalie P, in another blog post about the Apple Nano, complains:  “My headphone cord is literally heavier than the entire Nano device…”


Human Factors and Ergonomics

I prefer using the older, heavier tablets and smartphones than the newer, super-thin variety. My hands were just not made for things that thin and that light.

bookThe human body and mind evolved to manipulate hand-held objects of a certain range of size and weight. Originally these were sticks and stones, then later, manufactured tools, and…books. The book remains a form factor that fits comfortably in the hand…and the mind. For this reason, I believe that the book will never die as a standard form factor.

When I hold one of those new super-thin tablets – without any protective covering, I feel as if it could easily slip out of my fingers. Maybe this is why the protective covers are so popular.

Now…check out this blog post which is aptly named iPad as Weapon.

wpid-photo-may-24-2012-953-pmApparently this boy and his sister had an argument involving Minecraft, which led to an injury.

Never mind the fact that their argument turned into a fight.

What worries me it the weapon involved.

2 thoughts on “If Tablets Become Any Thinner, I’ll Get a Paper Cut

  1. Jeffrey,
    Sometime around 1980, I had a fight with my brother over the latest technology — our brand new t.v. with the just-launched remote control. When I gained control of the remote, my brother raced to the “manual” control on the t.v. and broke off the cover. No bodily injury to us, but our 2-day old t.v. took it on the chin.

  2. Anorexic Typeface Syndrome – Nature -> Brain -> Technology

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