6 thoughts on “The Face of Sugar

  1. A little rhetorical analysis on the images. All of the users are white, except Sponge Bob and he’s, well, you know, a sponge. AfAm kids don’t eat sugar cereal? Weird marketing glitch. All users have tongue and/or teeth (Eat, skeleton!) and all the figures are AMPED. Sorry, !. Notice some of the other thematic designs within the art: Snap’s hair is a * shaped explosion, the Greek Olympiad people have sweat-like drops of milk jumping out of the bowl as well as vibration squiggles, all the eye catchlights come from above (SpongeBob has a “two light”) and WHAT are the sad-faced cheeks at the end of Bob’s smile? Sugar blues? Almost everybody has detached, jumping eyebrows. Thematically we have: elves, athletes, a sponge, a rabbit and a captain. SpongeBob is the outlier: he has a former career, the others have always been spokesymbols.

    Worthy of further study. Honest.

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