A Modern Phone Booth

Here’s one of the new phone booths installed at WORK Petaluma.

(Hey…what is that strange creature lying on the desk?)

Phone Booth

Why…it looks like something from my remote past. Something I used to press up against my head when I was younger.

I decided to try out this retro phone handset for my weekly Skype call with John. He totally cracked up when he answered my video call to see me with an old-fashioned telephone handset.

me on phone

So he pulled out his old rotary phone for a photo-op:

me and John

High tech meets low-tech.



3 thoughts on “A Modern Phone Booth

  1. I remember the old human BEING’S, they could remember, do, and innovate a lot more until the drones came along, (mobiles, internet, tech,) not we are becoming fat, no intellect, hedonism, or time wasters.

  2. I have a flip out leg for my electric bass which allows me to play it sitting down, without a strap. A simple, sturdy, 3″x1″ panel that provides a very stable but flexible platform. The exact same thing could allow an iPhone to be used between shoulder and ear.

    • Cool idea! Old and new, baby. It’s where it’s at. This crazed race for miniaturization and digitization sometimes leaves the human body behind. Hello? Remember us? BTW – I almost mentioned in the blog post about my suspicion that if I were to start using an old-fashioned handset I might start talking and thinking like a teenager and having panic attacks about that breakup when I was 18. (Maybe it’s better to stick with the new form factor).

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