Introducing DataPal – Share It Now!

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Sharing your work and your life just got better.

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Fuck DropBox. That’s so yesterday.

docpal logoWith DataPal, all you have to do is sign up as a loyal member (by providing a 128-character Fibonacci-based password, and legally agreeing to the latest Apple and Google Terms and Conditions within two minutes of each official email reminder), and you’ll be sharing status reports, spreadsheets, movies, music, DNA, and subconscious thoughts at the click of a button.

And guess what! With our $575/month VIP upgrade, you can bypass the conscious effort of hitting “send”, “export”, “update”, and “share” altogether. We’ll do it all for you, because we know what you need for your business and your private fetishes. In fact, our venture-backed 10x technical team has already begun processing your Facebook, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, and Meetup profiles.  

Do you feel like your work is weighing you down? DataPal will fix that.


And don’t worry about security. We have implemented a way for you to avoid the common security pitfalls of file-sharing. We’ve got it all under control. Our venture-backed 10x technical team knows their shit. And you don’t.

Now. You may be thinking…


Well stop now!

No more thinking with DataPal! We do all that for you.

(Oh, and thanks for that password. We’ve already got it :) Check your email inbox now, and…

Let’s get started


3 thoughts on “Introducing DataPal – Share It Now!

  1. BTW – I just got a mysterious email from DropBox claiming that “Fred” just shared a folder with me. Who the fuck is Fred? I just deleted my DropBox account – here’s the note I wrote in the comments section upon deleting my account:

    “I wrote this blog post as a reaction to the problems of services like DropBox.

    While ease of use is great, there is a lack of affordance in terms of who these people are, why I got notified, when it was set up, where it is, why it’s there, when I used it, how it’s related to my other folders. And so on. Who the fuck is Fred? Do I care? I prefer to bow out than to have so many unknowns about who is seeing my stuff. ”

    (Many of my friends wonder why a graduate of MIT like myself would be such a Luddite – so untrusting of technology. It’s not about technology. It’s about Design.)

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