Do tech companies really need more vaginas, dark skin, and gray beards?

We need to get to the bottom of the issue about diversity in the software industry.

It’s not that software companies simply need to hire more people who possess vaginas, dark skin, or grey beards…to reach some kind of quota, or to make their About page look hip. It’s that software companies need to embrace diversity in ways of thinking, life experience, socio-economic backgrounds, ways of building things, and ways of setting priorities. This might result in some outwardly-visible diversity, as a by product. But in my opinion, that’s not the point.

Software increasingly runs our lives – EVERYONE’S LIVES – including people who possess vaginas, dark skin, and gray beards. One should not assume that all those young overpaid white males who would sooner send you a Slack message than look you in the eye are going to know how to build the tools that are running more and more of our lives….

…in a country that is becoming more diverse, not less – a fact that the United States Bollocks in Chief is clearly not happy about.

Building Diversity Where it Matters

Sure, there tends to be more diversity in design, business, and marketing departments, but these aspects of a tech company generally get established after the DNA of the company has been forged. The DNA of a software company is typically established when wealthy white male venture capitalists invest in wealthy white male programmers who (sometimes) become more wealthy, after which time they start new companies using their wealth. They hire their wealthy white male programmer friends (who can work without salary in exchange for shares – thereby becoming more likely to acquire more wealth).

Follow the money.

A slightly more diverse company is then built around this core of wealthy white males. Then a slick, mobile-friendly web page is erected, featuring high-res photos of gleeful African Americans and Chinese women. Maybe an Indian. And (occasionally) the token graybeard.

Dynastic Privilege

It’s the same phenomenon that drives wealth inequality in our country. Unchecked capitalism is fueling an oligarchy that is inhibiting the American Dream for those who find themselves on the losing end of financial opportunity.

Did I just change the subject from tech company diversity to wealth inequality in the United States? No: it’s the same subject.

“I believe dynastic privilege is one of the major contributors to the lack of diversity in tech” – Adam Pisoni

So, instead of talking about skin color, gender, and age, we should be talking about the deeper underlying cultural and economic forces that make it so hard for tech companies to change their DNA.

Please reply with your comments. Agree or disagree. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts!