Why Can’t I Just “Control-Z” Parts of My Life?

hand_pose_17_of_22___stock_by_aphasia100stockThe other day I was drawing a diagram on the whiteboard to explain something to a friend. I was in the heat of explanatory joy. At one point I changed my thinking and decided to re-do a part of the diagram, which meant that I would have to erase the bit I had just drawn.

Amazingly, I felt my hand assume the shape it takes when I am at the computer keyboard, getting ready to do a “control-Z”.

I looked at my hand and said, “Wow. Maybe I should spend less time at the keyboard.”

That primitive act of holding down the Control key and repeatedly hitting Z has become engrained in my mind. It has ventured from the abstract landscape of software tools and invaded parts of my brain that function in the analog world.

At the deepest neurological levels…does my brain really know the difference?

ctrl + zYou Can’t Control-Z The World

The desire to erase something and start over runs deep in our lives. We do it in many ways. Sometimes we try to erase a bad memory – or at least render it impotent by attempting to cover it with newer memories. (That often doesn’t work – have you noticed?)

Will the increasing virtuality of our lives add to this desire to just Control-Z our problems away?


Check out this awesome video:

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And this…